Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gated Heart Stamp

I finally jumped in and tried my hand out on stamp making. The process is easy but haven't quite gotten the hang of consistency between exposures yet.
With my new adventure in mind, I have created some original stamps that I'm going to have professionally manufactured. My first piece is called Gated Heart.  After creating my home crafted prototyped, my twin girls ran with the idea and created some samples posted below. I think they did a fabulous job.

eri•doodle Gated Heart specs:
LARGE Size: 4.25" X 4"
Type: It will be a cling. Will post more later.
Can be used with Sizzix Die 38-0801 Heart #2 to cut out center heart as in samples.
Cost: Taking wishes right now to get an idea of how many to have made and cost. Trying to keep it affordable. Email my if you are interested (no obligation). Will post a price and notify all who send me an email as soon as I have an idea on cost. Click on my email link on right side of my blog.

UPDATE: So far the cost would be way up there, more than I want to charge. If anyone can do this for a reasonable cost. Email me.

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