Monday, March 18, 2013

Sailing Quick Page

quick page baby boy sailing page digital paper blue water red frame sail boatdigi digital paper digi page faded edges water 12x12 boy mermaid oceanI'm Sailing Away...

setting an open course for cuteness. Revisiting my old post, I realized some were in need of a life preserver. So I set forth creating examples of my designs and posting suitable products. It has become a major undertaking, but I am determined to work through them all. Hopefully you'll find it worth going back through some old posts.

This is an example of a digi paper rework. It came out so well I decided to repost it and delete the old. New baby blue works perfectly with the sailboat I have here.
 Feel free to download the sample12 x 12 quick page or create your own and come sail away with me.

Sailing QP link - right mouse click on image above
Rocket QP - free full res download page link
Son QP - - free full res download page link

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