Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Ghosts decor

Easy to make Cheesecloth Ghosts

Easy to make cheesecloth ghosts

These cute Halloween Ghosts are a great project to do with your kids and make an adorable table decoration.

Ghosts supplies
Supplies needed: 
Package of Cheesecloth
Liquid Fabric Starch or Stiffener 
Empty Bottle
Wide mouth jar or bowl
Black paper with small circle punch or google eyes
Pipe cleaners to form arms if desired.

Blow ballon up to a size that will work best with your empty bottle. This will create the head of your ghost. Wrap pipe cleaners around neck of bottle to form arms if desired.

Unfold cheesecloth and drape over bottle and balloon to estimate length of cheese cloth. Leave 3" to 4" inches at bottom of ghost to help your ghost stand when complete.

Once you have cut the cheesecloth to length, place in wide mouth jar or bowl and add a good amount of fabric stiffener to make it very wet.

Squeeze it to ensure it is completely saturated with fabric stiffener.

Carefully pull cheesecloth open and drape back over balloon and jar, shaping as desired. All to completely dry. Carefully remove from balloon and jar and add eyes.

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