Monday, November 14, 2011

A horse story

Paper shaped Horse from Hobby Lobbyclip art or digital art of children's horse free downloadpaper shaped horse from Hobby Lobby made into a paper piecing for scrapbooking or craftI'm sure you noticed the horse on yesterday's name banner blog. There is a bit of a story on it. See, I was looking for supplies to make some other party decor and I came across these horse die cuts. I snatched them up not thinking about how I would use them much less how I would create something to resemble a horse. As soon as I got home, I Google'd them hoping to get some ideas on how others used them.  There wasn't one to be found. You would think the manufacturer would at least create samples. My impulse buying gave me two options, figure out what to do with them or take them back. Determined, I searched in the internet studying horses. Here are my results flipped and I changed up the mane.

Right mouse click and save image as to download the FREE eri*doodle high res image. (white background)

If you are interested in the cutter file, shoot me an email and I will send it to you for free. knk or svg email eridoodle here

You are welcome to add my blog link to share the freebies with others, but please do not post the image or create links directly to image. Of course you cannot resell the images directly, but you may use them in your own art that is to be sold.

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