Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to work

Sorry to everyone for the last few days of no blog. See, I got some amazing scrapbooking storage for Christmas and I have been organizing. My close friends understand how much that is. Before I moved to Alabama my house had a custom built scrapbooking room. It was nice having cabinets and such, but I believe I have quite outgrown that and now I have the most amazing storage. Yay. I have been taking my time putting everything from boxes to bins just so. (Perhaps I have a little OCD) Now that I have gotten the mass under control it's back to work on the blog. 

As I was going through my stuff I came across some old drawings, one I felt was most appropriate as how some of us might feel going back to work.  I believe I had drawn it from some drawing book I once had. Quickly recreated this tired school teacher in a really ugly dress (probably one she got for Christmas from aunt Martha) as a paper piecing. Download this eri-doodle freebie if you like. I left her on a blue background because the skin tone wasn't very dark. Should be easy to eliminate.

Remember as you go back to work, this is a short week! SMILE!

You are welcome to add my blog link to share the freebies with others, but please do not post the image or create links directly to image. Of course you cannot resell the images directly, but you may use them in your own art that is to be sold. For commercial use. Please contact me.

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