Monday, December 19, 2011

The Christmas present challenge game

Christmas present challenge game

The Christmas present challenge game

I have been busy trying to catch up with Christmas, I didn't have a chance to create new art. Wanted to give everyone something on the blog so here is a fun game to play at a Christmas party or on Christmas day with the family.

- 1 Pair oven mitts
- 1 Santa Hat
- 1 Scarf
- 1 Die (use two for large group)
- 1 Baking pan to roll dice in.
- A small prize wrapped in a succession of larger boxes each sealed with duct tape to make more difficult to open. The more boxes and tape the better.
For large boxes, add packing peanuts or newspaper.
The group stands in a circle. The oven mitts, hat, scarf and wrapped box are placed in the center.
Someone begins by rolling the dice. If a six is rolled, they hurry into the middle and put on the oven mitts, scarf and hat then proceed to unwrap the package. Move fast because the next person to roll a six takes the hat off of the person in the center. The person in the center stops immediately and takes off the oven mitts and scarf, gives them to that person and goes back to their spot in the circle. The game continues until the package is completely unwrapped. The last person receives the prize.

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