Friday, December 9, 2011

Snowman project

Children's snowman popsicle stick project

Snowman project

Here is a fun winter project for kids. My daughter made this in school one year. It has had a place in our Christmas tree for many years.
They are easy to make with help from an adult.

Large Popsicle stick
White and pink  paint
Black Sharpie
brown pipe-cleaner
small piece of black and orange felt or paper
scrap fabric
White foam sheet

How to:
Paint popsicle stick white and set aside to dry
Cut white foam sheet into a circle for the head
Cut a triangle out of orange for the nose and freehand a hat out of black.
Cut and bend pipe-cleaner to form stick arms and hands
Create face with Sharpie and paint as seen.
Glue head to stick and hat to head.
Cut fabric into a strip and wrap around neck and hat as shown. Glue down add button
Lastly glue pipe-cleaner arms to back.

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