Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bubble, bubble "FOIL" and trouble

So my title was a play off of a line in Macbeth. Yes, I know it's "Double, double, toil and trouble." I just couldn't resist. Seemed perfect.

In the spirit of this time of year, I have added the following foiling technique to a witch's brew of course. I ran into a little trouble while making my brew. Watch the video instructional slideshow.

You will need the following items for this project.

FREE eri*doodle cauldron printed onto cardstock
Clear Acetate, report covers work great too.
Foil from the kitchen.
Brayer to roll it down with
X-Acto or scissors
Sharpie markers in your favorite brewing colors
Rubbing alcohol 91%
Cotton balls 
Adhesive of your choice, spray is best
White or light colored pencil
Googly eyes in various sizes
Accessories of your choice

You are welcome to add my blog link to share the freebies with others, but please do not post the image or create links directly to image. Of course you cannot resell the images directly, but you may use them in your own art that is to be sold.

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