Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to make paper flowers

large scrapbooking paper flower easy to make and not as expensive as store bought use flower petal template or knk or svg file
 Paper flowers can be expensive to buy. It is very easy to make you own. I have included a free knk and svg file and a .jpg if you don't have a cutter.
  Any paper can be used. Wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or pages from an old book as shown. (I don't normally tear up books, I do have one I work from)

use paper or gift wrap to make these great flower  1. Cut out the flower pattern. Many layers works best.

homemade flowers easy to make

 2. Arrange them from largest at bottom to smallest at top. Punch a hole in the middle of each. Doesn't have to be perfectly centered and add brad.

water and paper design flowers

3. Thoroughly wet paper layers with water and carefully pull each layer into center.

 4. Carefully open each layer up bending and even squishing the petals down a little.

craft paper flowers
5. Set aside and allow to fully dry. Flower will stiffen up and hold it's shape.

easy to make paper rose
 Here is the free jpg template.
For svg file, download it here


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