Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's all about crowns right now

I have to admit, I have gone crown crazy. I have more crowns than shoes. Digital ones anyways ;)

Haven't quite decided which crown my pantin flower fairy queen should don. I glittered up one from the collage sheet I put together. (above) What do you think? How am I using her, you ask? The photo is a sneak preview of a 12 page paper bag flower fairy scrapbook I will be auctioning off someday.

This is also my first ***FREE*** download for your personal use only. Right mouse click on the Flower Fairy image and save image as. Print and enjoy.

For those of you interested in my paper bag album, I will just say, it is turning into an amazing album with a twist I haven't see done yet. Is the suspense getting to you?

If you are interested in adding to your own crown collection, you can purchase my crown collage on Etsy.
These are large for your bigger products, but can be reduced when you print for your smaller folks. Don't see it listed? Don't worry, someone beat you to it, but I will list more shortly. So check back often.
Also read how you can get a free collage!
Crown digital collage collection can now be purchased at eri*doodle blog  for $2.50



  1. I love all the crowns! Austin said she should wear the 4th row down center crown! Can't wait to see more!



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